The China-U.S. Theory Institute for Physics with Exotic Nuclei (CUSTIPEN) and Sichuan University (SCU) will jointly organize the Chengdu-CUSTIPEN Workshop on theory of rare nuclear decays, taking place from May 14 to 19, 2018 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.

Established in May, 2013, CUSTIPEN has been playing the role of nurturing collaborations between U.S. and Chinese scientists in pursuit of a basic understanding of exotic nuclei and of their role in astrophysics and other areas.

Following the history of CUSTIPEN workshops, the main purpose of this meeting is to bring together theorists and experimentalists with interests in the physics of rare nuclear decays to review recent progress, exchange ideas and build collaborations to tackle new challenges in the field. We wish to continue exploring various forms of collaborative endeavors in theory and experiment relevant to the science programs to be carried out at rare-isotope beam facilities around the world. Physicists from all countries are welcomed to attend this workshop.

1.β decay of unstable nuclei
2.Neutron/proton emission
3.γ decay of rare isotopes
4.Nuclear fission
5.Cluster decay of nuclei
6.Advanced models for rare nuclear decays. Continuum effects.


Supported by: SCU, PKU, CCAST, NSFC