The China-U.S. Theory Institute for Physics with Exotic Nuclei (CUSTIPEN) and Department of Astronomy, Xiamen University (XMU) will jointly organize the Xiamen-CUSTIPEN Workshop on the EOS of Dense Neutron-Rich Matter in the Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy, taking place in Xiamen, January 3 (registration) to 7, 2019.

The main topics of the workshop include:

  1. EOS of Neutron-Rich Matter from Nuclear Theories and Terrestrial Experiments

  2. Properties of Neutron Stars from Theories and Observations

  3. Impacts of Nuclear EOS on the Evolution Dynamics and Products of Compact Binaries

  4. Imprints of Nuclear EOS on Gravitational Waves from Various Sources

  5. Nature of Dense Matter and Synthesis of Heavy Elements in the Cosmos

  6. Isospin Dependence of Strong Interactions and Correlations in Dense Matter