Vision and objectives

The TALENT initiative aims at providing an advanced and comprehensive training to graduate students and young researchers in low-energy nuclear theory. The network aims at developing a broad curriculum that will provide the platform for a cutting-edge theory for understanding nuclei and nuclear reactions. These objectives are being met by offering series of lectures, commissioned from experienced teachers in nuclear theory. The educational material generated under this program will be collected in the form of WEB-based courses, textbooks, and a variety of modern educational resources. No such all-encompassing material is available at present; its development will allow dispersed university groups to profit from the best expertise available.

Broad basis

The advanced training network in nuclear theory will provide students (theorists and experimentalists) with a broad background in methods and techniques that can easily be applied to other domains of science and technology. The characteristic feature of this initiative is training in multi-scale nuclear physics. This knowledge is crucial not only for a basic understanding of atomic nuclei, but also for further development of knowledge-oriented industry; from nanotechnology and material science to biological sciences, to high performance computing. As such, the proposed training aims at providing an inter-disciplinary education when it comes to theories and methods.


The ultimate goal of the TALENT initiative is to develop a graduate program of excellence in low-energy nuclear theory. The program will build strong connections between universities and research laboratories and institutes worldwide and provide a unique training ground for the future needs of nuclear physics.